Ansem Kingdom Hearts

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness is Xehanort 's Heartless born from Terra-Xehanort . His physical appearance closely resembles that of a youthful Master Xehanort. He served as the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts and Riku 's "Reverse/Rebirth" story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and as one of the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance .

The true Ansem once studied hearts and the Heartless, but soon ceased his research for fear of disrupting the order of the worlds. But his apprentice Xehanort betrayed him, robbing Ansem of his discoveries and pride.

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness , sometimes referred to as Xehanort's Heartless , is the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts and the " Reverse/Rebirth " scenario in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories , as well as a supporting antagonist in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance . He is a member of the True Organization XIII and the Heartless of Terra-Xehanort , and as such his appearance and personality are primarily derived from Master Xehanort , and he retains his original form's " shadow ".

Various types of merchandise modeled after the characters' likeness have been produced, including figurines and jewelry. The characters have garnered praise from several video game websites and magazines for the quality of their voice acting and visual style. Comments focused on the accurate presentation of Disney characters, the unique visual style of Square Enix characters, how well all the characters blended together, and the consistent quality performances from voice actors.

Ansem began work on the report in order to study the darkness in the hearts of beings, and to determine ways to protect his homeworld, Radiant Garden , from its ravages. The reports were later written at some point by Xehanort. Ansem later wrote a new set of reports after his escape from the Realm Between.

In the pursuit of knowledge, Xehanort, at the time calling himself "Ansem", willingly gave his heart to the darkness, his resulting Heartless able to retain its selfhood for uncertain reasons, though it was believed by the true Ansem that this was due to Xehanort's willing abandonment of his heart. However, the separation of Ansem from the vessel that became the Nobody   Xemnas  had a more sinister purpose.