Batman Vs Azrael

Azrael is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe . Azrael is a member of a group of assassins who were created by The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas .

Azrael was eventually presumably killed in a fight with his two greatest enemies, Biis and Scratch . He was shot through his armor by multiple teflon-coated bullets, and then tumbled off of a balcony with LeHah. Although his costume was recovered, his corpse was not. He is presumed dead. Five years later, the Order of Purity , a splinter sect of the Sacred Order of St. Dumas creates a new Azrael for Gotham City in ex-police officer Michael Lane .

Azreal wins this fight if any of you remember; Bane was the guy who crippled Bruce Wayne. When he was out Azreal took over, and he was alot more ruthless. In fact; it was Azreal who crippled Bane.

Years ago, Michael Lane was part of a program to create the ultimate crime fighter. Instead, it turned him into an insane criminal. Thwarted by Batman , Michael confessed his sins to a priest of the religious sect, The Order of St. Dumas . They recruited Michael to fight evil as their Azrael , who wore the mystical Suit of Sorrows and wielded the Sword of Sin. Azrael appeared in the Side Mission: Watcher in the Wings in Arkham City , and the Most Wanted Mission: Heir to the Cowl in Arkham Knight .