Chanel Boy Bag Red 2013

Introducing the Boy Bags from the Chanel Versailles Cruise 2013 Collection. This collection has started to trickle into stores and the opulent pieces are now available for the most ardent Chanel collector.  Only Karl Lagerfeld could design such rich and luxurious pieces encrusted and adorned with gold.  The pieces from this collection feature a few distinct features that aren’t found on the regular boy bags, such interlocking leather quilted exteriors, baroque styled CC gold hardware, checkered gold hardware detail and guilded Chanel logos.  See below for more details.

Chanel surprised us when they introduced the Boy Collection. Completely different than their usual style, these bags infused masculinity with a feminine touch for bags that are rugged yet sophisticated. If you haven’t seen their latest masterpieces, check out these top Boy bags from Chanel- you’ll surely find a bag that interests you and suits your style and you’ll be amazed with the uniqueness of these accessories.

We are very excited to share with you the complete Chanel Fall and Winter 2013 bag collection . The bags that we’ve shared so far, was just the tip of the iceberg. The catwalk images were just teasers to get you thrilled, the brand has kept the best for the last.