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The One Hundred and One Dalmatians describes Cruella as the last of her prosperous and notorious family, with a personal net worth of GB£6 million. She is married to a furrier, whose first name is never mentioned, even by Cruella, and it appears she married him solely due to his occupation rather than because she loved him. When Mrs Dearly asks Cruella what her married name is, Cruella retorts that - in contrast to the usual patriarchal custom - she has made her husband adopt her surname as his own, in an effort to carry on her family name. She and her husband have no children. Cruella is portrayed as the tyrannical figure in the marriage, and her husband as a meek, subservient man who seldom speaks and obeys his wife entirely. He supplies Cruella with extravagances, such as the white mink cloak she often wears with skin-tight satin gowns and ropes of jewels in contrasting colours, such as a black dress with ropes of pearls, or a green dress with ropes of rubies. Cruella's chauffeur-driven car is black-and-white striped, which Mr. Dearly describes as "a moving zebra crossing", and Cruella boasts that it has the loudest horn in London, which she insists on sounding for the Dearly couple.

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