Kid Getting Bullied

In the middle of the Mega Rangers' fight with Warstar scientist Yuffo , Troy was directly approached by Creepox in the forest, trying to goad him into a fight, but Troy refused. He Blasted Me With Science

The story exploded online when the mother of Jax, the white boy, posted on Facebook about how her son wanted to get his haircut like his black buddy, Reddy, so they could trick their teacher.

A human brain works on ‘thought patterns’, which are nothing but ‘programming’ that has been indented into its neural network. You can easily observe a definite “pattern” in some of the thoughts that are produced in the brain.

Brooke married her second husband, Chris Henchy, in 2001. They wanted to start a family, but it was a struggle. After several rounds of IVF, Brooke got pregnant with their first daughter. She was thrilled, but soon after her daughter's birth, Brooke says the "toxic thoughts" started. "I saw my baby hitting the wall. Like, being flung across the room," she says." "I would close my eyes. And these horrible things, these images, would come through my mind."

President Barack Obama weighed in on a headline-grabbing hate crime committed by 4 young black people on a mentally disabled white man in his hometown of Chicago.