Kirito And Asuna

[UPDATE] This article was published before the ending of the Alicization Arc was released. To read what happens to Kirito and Asuna in the end, please check out our latest article about SAO Season 3 . ( Click me! )

Want a happy ending for Kirito and Asuna in Sword Art Online Season 3 in 2017? After years of waiting on creator Reki Kawahara, the Sword Art Online : Alicization arc story finally finished in the SAO light novel series. Unfortunately, some anime fans may not be happy with the ending promised for Sword Art Online characters Kirito and Asuna.

Fans of "Sword Art Online" should prepare themselves for yet another not-so-romantic end in season 3 as spoilers suggest that Kirito and Asuna's relationship still won't see a lot of progress.

Yui ( ユイ , Yui ? ) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI), found by Kirito and Asuna around the forests of the 22 nd Floor of the floating castle Aincrad . Her official name is « Yui-MHCP001 » (Mental Health Counseling Program 001).

"The Hero" Kirito (Kazuto) has completed and exited the game along with the majority of the living players. However, 300 players, including Kazuto's sweetheart Yuuki Asuna, are still trapped by the NerveGear and have failed to awaken. Kazuto finds a picture of what looks like Asuna in one of the other VRMMO games known as ALfheim Online (ALO). And so he must now embark on another quest for the sake of his love, who is held captive in ALfheim Online.