Mild Vaginal Warts

Genital warts look like small flesh-colored, pink, or red growths in or around the sex organs. The warts may look similar to the small parts of a cauliflower or they may be very tiny and difficult to see. They often appear in clusters of three or four, and may grow and spread rapidly. They usually are not painful, although they may cause mild pain, bleeding, and itching .

You develop any of these symptoms or a sexual partner has been diagnosed with genital warts or thinks he or she has them. They are contagious and require medical treatment.

Most types of genital warts are painless and tend to appear in clusters . If you suffer from such warts you should get treated before having sex again as they are highly contagious.

Genital warts are not always visible to the human eye. They may be very small and flesh-colored or slightly darker. The top of the growths may resemble a cauliflower and may feel smooth or slightly bumpy to the touch.

Here are some pictures of what genital warts commonly tend to look like on both males and females. Keep in mind that most pictures on the internet only show some of the worst and most extreme cases, but what I’ve tried to do here is gather for you a set of pictures that show both extremes; the mild and the very bad.