Questioning Face

Planning Your Research Selecting Which Business Method to Use How to Select From Among Public Data Collection Tools Method: Appreciative Inquiry Method: Case Study Design Method: Focus Groups Method: Interview Design Method: Listening Method: Questioning (face to face) Method: Questionnaires Method: Surveys Analyzing, Interpreting and Reporting Results

The Redskins cornerback¬†first hammed it up on the field, stabbing a Cody Kessler pass for his first interception with Washington during its 31-20 win over the Browns on Sunday. The brazen and outspoken Norman pantomimed a bow-and-arrow shot to honor the occasion, which was itself quickly shot down by officials, who penalized him for “shooting a bow and arrow.”

Emojis have existed for over two decades, albeit largely confined to Japan. In 1998, Shigetaka Kurita was working for DoCoMo, a large Japanese mobile communication company. At the time, pagers were the main form of cellular communication, but the amount of space available to send a message was limited. Kurita wanted to provide users a way to express more in the limited space, but by using as little data as possible. The emoji was thus born out of the idea to develop a one-character "code," whereby users could send images that would show up as an icon on another person’s device.