Raphael Sbarge Star Trek

He also played a lead character, Carth Onasi , in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (along with Ethan Phillips, Frank Welker , Brian George , Carolyn Seymour , Charles Dennis , Jason Marsden , and James Horan ) and its sequel. He also played in the video game Mass Effect as another key character, Kaidan Alenko (with Marina Sirtis , Armin Shimerman , and Dwight Schultz ), and depending on player choices may appear in Mass Effect 2 (with Michael Dorn , Robin Sachs , and Keith Szarabajka ) and Mass Effect 3 .

"Yasuní is home to Ecuador's last indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation," actress Michelle Monaghan chimes in, stopping to film the urgent plea during a recent visit to San Francisco. "Their survival is worth more than a few days' oil."