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In 1984, Carlson and friend Matt Olivo formed the band Tempter, along with original drummer James Auten, through their shared love of heavy metal bands Hellhammer, Venom, Metallica and Slayer, as well as punk rock bands like Discharge. Not soon after, the band began recording demos and tape traded with other music fans all over the world. One such tape trader, was Florida's Chuck Schuldiner, who in 1985 asked Carlson if he would like to join his own band Death. Carlson accepted under the condition that Olivo would be the band's rhythm guitarist. Carlson and Olivo then moved to Florida to join Schuldiner, putting their own band; which had changed its name multiple times before settling on the name Repulsion; at this point consisting of the two and drummer Phill Hines, on hold. However, not soon after, then-Death drummer Kam Lee departed from the band due to creative differences between him and Schuldiner over control of vocal duties. A short time afterwards, Olivo and Carlson moved back to Michigan and reformed Repulsion, along with Dave 'Grave' Hollingshead, who had recently been arrested for grave robbing, where they recorded their debut album Horrified, along with new guitarist Aaron Freeman. However, not soon after, Repulsion broke up again, when Olivo joined the army. Carlson then join Cathedral briefly, as a touring musician, in 1995.