Sig 556 Resident Evil 5

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The SG 550 series rifles have a 540 mm (21. 3 in) long sight radius and are equipped with iron sights adjustable for both windage and elevation. The sights are similar to those on some Heckler & Koch weapons, such as the HK G3 or HK MP5. The sights consist of a rear, rotating diopter drum soldered to the receiver and a hooded front post installed in the gas block. The rear sight has an open notch setting marked "1" designed for immediate firing up to 100 m but also contains apertures with settings "2", "3" and "4" corresponding to 200, 300 and 400 m firing ranges. The 400 m setting has a removable iris for sportive shooting. The sights are adjustable via micrometer screws with windage and elevation increments of 0. 15 mil (≈0. 52 moa), or 15 mm (0. 6 in) at 100 m. For night use, the dedicated "1" notch setting in the rear sight drum is provided with two self-luminous tritium-powered inserts fitted laterally on each side of the notch and additionally in a flip-up post attached to the foresight. When firing rifle grenades the front sight hood is aligned with the uppermost edge of the grenade's warhead, this provides an estimated point of impact up to 75 m. The rifle grenades intended for this purpose were FN/Luchaire Type 58-N bullet-though anti-tank grenades.

The SIG 556 (MG) is an assault rifle found in Resident Evil 5 which is seen being used by BSAA Alpha and Delta teams that are sent to Kijuju as their primary weapon. The 556s outfitted with Holographic sigths are also seen being used as Sniper rifles by Dave Johnson and Josh Stone . The weapon can be found in Chapter 5-2near the conveyor belt.