Szechuan Beef

Over the years, many American readers have requested Szechuan beef recipe on Rasa Malaysia. For those who have been waiting for this popular American-Chinese dish, this is the recipe I developed specifically for you. The reason I said so is because I have never had American-style Szechuan beef until very recently.


This was an absolutely awesome recipe!! I made it for company and everyone just raved. I used 2 heaping tsps. of cayenne. That makes it pleasantly hot but we like hot and spicy food so we loved it. In addition, I used flank steak,and left it in the marinade for 4 hours.It was as tender as it can be. I also added some snow peas and some julienned yellow pepper. I will be making this over and over again. Thank you so much for posting it.

Szechuan beef is a beef stir-fry dish which originated in the Sichuan province. It consists of beef cut into thin strips and marinated before being fried alongside other ingredients such as broccoli, onions, peanuts, and water chestnuts. Chefs marinate the meat in soy sauce , cornstarch, crushed red pepper and garlic for around 20 minutes before cooking it. Other ingredients such as baby corn, pea pods, and ginger can also be added to the stir-fry according the chef’s taste. The dish is typical of Szechuan style cooking because it includes peppers, garlic, salt, and sugar.