Ugliest Animals In The World

Nature can be scary sometimes. Many creatures appear to be weird, odd, and even have an ugly look that would probably kill you while looking at them. Most of you will not even give those extremely weird and ugly animals a second look. Here are 10 Most Ugliest Animals in the World.

Have you ever thought about how many hours we actually sleep each day? It is really hard for me to sleep for long hours now. Because I have a full time job. While we are struggling with sleeping problems and discovering healthy sleep-promoting techniques, these animals can spend more than 80% of their time sleeping every day. Spending much of their entire lives in dreamland! Sounds good for me… Check out 10 Most Sleepiest Animals On Earth below.

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, and while some of these animals are definitely meat-eaters, they clearly have a soft spot for produce, too. Click through to see animals munching on their favorite fruit and veggie treats. Eating healthy has never been so cute!

At least 441 new plant and animal species have been discovered in the Amazon Rainforest over the past four years, including a thumbnail-sized frog, a vegetarian piranha, and a monkey that purrs like a cat! The list of new species, compiled by the World Wildlife Fund , includes 258 plants, 84 fish, 58 amphibians, 22 reptiles, 18 birds, and one mammal, as well as “countless new insects and other invertebrates.”